Farm Direct Meats

Click Here for Zaycon

Have you ever heard of Zaycon? They are a service that provides incredible prices on meat. You just have to do a search to see where your local pick up would be.
Their meat is in bulk so you would get 40# of ground beef or 14# of ribeye steaks, etc. They have chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, etc.
The prices are 97/3 ground beef (which is wonderful, Dan won’t eat any other, it’s that good!) are 3.79 lb, that totals $141.60 for 40 pounds. Don’t need all that meat? Go in with a friend, it’s an excellent deal!
Now, I’ve had folks say…I could never afford that. Think about how much you spent last month on fast food and eating out because you didn’t prepare ahead or it was just easier.
Having this food in your home, in your freezer means you can keep inventory of it, prepare ahead of time and have meals ready for the evening. Let’s face it, most folks do not cook meals at home and we all know it’s healthier and we know what ingredients are going in our food.
We are a part of Zaycon, that simply means we get a very tiny percentage of what others purchase, you can become part of it also and it’s free.
If you decide to purchase use code: STOREWIDE20 for 20% off your entire order. You can pay now for orders that will be delivered next month, etc. So, if you spend $500 you will get $100 off your order! It’s a great way to stock up and be prepared. We have saved a ton of money by stocking up, we always have meat available and our family knows that all they have to do is stop by and they can get what they need from the freezers, we have a few of them!!!
It’s also a wonderful way to be ready to help out a neighbor, friend, church member etc, who may be going through a rough time. It’s a win, win situation!

Of course it is also the perfect opportunity to pull out that pressure canner and can up a bunch of meat and fill up that pantry!


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